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  • Ritsuko Watari

    Owner of Wstyle Mobile Makeup &Hair Toronto based stylist .

    She offers a huge array of different hair and makeup service for a competitive and reasonable price that simply can’t be beaten .
    Ritsuko graduated ‘’Hair & Makeup International College ‘’ in Japan and started Makeup & Hair business in Photography industry .
    Now she has developed a passion for the Bridal industry.
    She strives to use her wide variety of techniques in order for you to be made up to perfection on your special day such Wedding , Party, On stage performances , and Photo shoot.

    Her goal is to give you exactly what you desire, making sure that you are feeling happy for the day.
    Best of all, Wstyle Mobile Makeup & Hair rids you of the stress and worries of having to travel to the salon on your special day ! We come to you !
    Please feel free to contact for consultation to decide on a style that best suits you and your satisfaction.